What does my course fee include?
Your course fee entitles you to bed and breakfast accommodation in Mitchelstown which includes a full Irish Breakfast. Teas/coffees and snacks will be served between all lectures.

Where else can I go for meals?

Mitchelstown has a host of cafes/pubs which serve soups, sandwiches and full lunches just after midday. There are also several evening dining venues, including ethnic restaurants, available. We will be in touch with the various restaurants and hope to gain concessions for our students at some of them. With regard to tipping, while it remains at the discretion of the customer, 10-15% is normal in Europe.

How do I get to Mitchelstown?
Travel to and from the airport as well as to and from social and cultural events will be by bus. There are plenty of taxis available for short-journey travel around the town.

How safe is Mitchelstown?
Mitchelstown is a relatively safe, small rural Irish town. The same caution and safety measures you use at home will serve you well in Mitchelstown.

What weather can I expect and what clothes should I bring?
Even though the School is held in the middle of summer, Irish weather is notoriously unpredictable. Don’t forget to bring rain gear and some warm clothing. Even in July, temperatures can fluctuate between a cold and wet 10C and warm and sunny 24C degrees.

How do I pay for everyday things?
The currency in Ireland is the euro. To save you buying Euro prior to your arrival, which can be expensive, you can use your ATM card, credit card or debit card in thousands of locations throughout Ireland and there are plenty of outlets in Mitchelstown. Please note that you should notify your bank that you will be traveling to Ireland and inform them of the dates of your arrival into and departure from here. If the bank is unaware of your travel plans, it may consider your purchases abroad fraudulent and may block them from going through until you can make verbal contact, which can be difficult with the time difference.

Will I have WiFi and do I bring my laptop?
Kingston Arms has wireless internet connections, as do many coffee shops in town. It is important to keep in mind that the electrical current in Ireland is between 220 and 240 volts. If you do bring your laptop or, indeed, any other appliances that have a built in voltage converter/transformer, you’ll need a flat-three-prong adaptor. This can be purchased at any hardware store at home or in Ireland. You’re not required to bring your laptop to the school.

What about phones?
Your cellphone or mobile phone may not operate under the European system.
International phone cards can be purchased at several convenience stores and filling stations in denominations from €5 to €20.
Please note: Ireland’s country code is 353, and Mitchelstown’s code is 25.