Client:Emeritus Professor Maurice Harmon
Date:October 15, 2012

Emeritus Professor Maurice Harmon

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Maurice Harmon is a Dublin-born Emeritus Professor of Anglo-Irish Literature at University College Dublin. He is a distinguished critic, biographer, editor, literary historian, and poet.

His published academic work includes Sean O Faolain: A Critical Study (Notre Dame, IN, University of Notre Dame Press, 1966); The Poetry of Thomas Kinsella (Dublin, Wolfhound, 1974; Thomas Kinsella: Designing for the Exact Needs, Dublin, Irish Academic Press, 2008); Select Bibliography for the Study of Anglo-Irish Literature and Its Backgrounds: An Irish Studies Handbook (Portland, PD Meany, 1977); An Irish Studies Handbook for Anglo-Irish Literature and Its Backgrounds : A Select Bibliography (Wolfhound Press, 1977); Austin Clarke 1896-1974; A Critical Introduction (Merlin Press, 1998); No Author Better Served: The Correspondence between Samuel Beckett and Alan Schneider (Harvard University Press, 1998); and The Colloquy of the Old Men, his translation of Acallamna Senorach, the medieval compendium of stories and poems (Academica Press, 2001.
His poetry collections include The Last Regatta, Selected Poems 1988-2000 (Cliffs of Moher, Salmon. 2000). The Doll with Two Backs (Salmon, 2004); The Mischievous Boy (Salmon, 2008); and When Love is Not Enough; New & Selected Poems (Salmon, 2010). His latest book of poetry, Loose Connections, is due to be published in October 2012.